NEW EVOLUTION Booster Box(24)

NEW EVOLUTION Booster Box(24)


A new Digimon card game is born in April 2020!
Aim for the strongest tamer with a game system where you can enjoy “evolution” and “training”!


All 115 types
-Common: 45 types
-Uncommon: 30 types
-Rare: 28 types
-Super rare: 10 types
-Secret rare: 2 types

(**The number of types is the total number of types for the entire production product. The number of purchases required to prepare all types differs depending on the product because it is randomly enclosed in the sales product)

Product Specifications
[1BOX] : 24 packs  >> [1 pack] : 6 cards, 1 index (* Parallel card will be included)

Product Company : Bandai

    ₪ 360.00מחיר
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